where we work

Where We Work

In its pursuit the work of EFSA primarily revolves around finding sustainable solutions. The organization works at two levels – community level in urban and rural areas.

Urban Areas

The geographic area of EFSA’s concern has no territorial limitation though; it is presently involved in the life and development of the poor and marginalized urban communities, especially of children, youth and women and their environment in about 20 of the 800 pockets of slums in Bangalore city.

Besides, it is also active in engaging and networking with likeminded civil society groups, academicians, professionals and concerned citizens globally to promote culture of ethics, rights and responsibilities in all walks of life.

Rural Areas

Sustainable development and ecological regeneration of a cluster of 20 villages with its epicenter at Melena /Kelagina Villages in Tubagere Hobli. With a sizable population being Lambanies identified as Tribals in the neighbouring Andhra Pradesh.

As part of action research, the emphasis has been more on the finding the missing gaps in the laws and their implementation, and filling those by ensuring better access to benefits.