Udayaraja, studying in 5th class is a dynamic student comes from economically disadvantaged family. After learning about good health, hygiene practices and environment in the school, Udayraja shared with his parents the significance of cleanliness, hygiene, causes and prevention of diseases, healthy food at home. Due to his persuasion his mother realized the importance and keeps house clean, covers food and water and boils drinking water. Udayaraja also explained his alcoholic father about the consequences of consuming alcohol and smoking. Father has stopped smoking. Udaya raja comes to school regularly neatly dressed and has become leader in the school. He as change agent actively participates as Health, Hygiene educator (HHE) in promoting HHS.


Maheswari, studying in 5th class originally from Vellore lives with a physically handicapped father and mother working as domestic help and brother studying 6th class Govt high school. She takes care of house as her mother goes to work every day. After learning about HHS in the school she began to practice hygiene at home and also educated her neighbors and relatives. There is visible change in her personal hygiene.


Lavanya, Studying in 4th class, originally from Tamilnadu, has motivated her family and neighbors about hygiene, water, dry & wet waste segregation and clean surroundings. Her family has kept home hygienically.


Samina, studying in 5th class, whose father is a painter and mother is home maker. Samina influenced her parents who never gave importance to cleanliness, hygiene. She explained patiently all about personal hygiene, hand washing, air, water borne diseases etc.


Vennela, studying in 4th Class motivated her family including her grandmother & neighbors about hygienic practices. They cover the food and water, clean drains regularly, throw garbage in the allotted place. She comes to school neatly dressed. Moved to a house in clean environment.


Lingaraju, studying in 5th class educated parents and family members about all aspects good health and hygiene practices. There is a visible change at home.


Muskan, studying in 5th class lost her father when she was baby and lives with her mother, a garment worker. Muskan created awareness on HHS at home and brings her sisters to school clean. She is also one of HHE cultural team leaders.


Ayyalamma, from 4th class living in hut at Gulbarga migrant community She attempts to bring healthy change in the community. She started coming school clean, studies well.

Arbia Bano

Arbia Bano, 5th class – Junk Food -KurKure , Arbia convinced by awful effects of eating junk food on health such as Kukure, Lays, aerated soft drinks, stopped eating junk food. She did not stop with influencing her family about HHS, healthy food, nutrition and clean environment. She further shared her knowledge on the will effects of junk food and practical experience of testing ‘Kurekure’ in her Madrasa. Her teacher in Madrasa tested Kukure by burning a packet of kukure and found to their shock that it turned out almost like plastic! From that day the students in Madrasa also stopped eating junk food. She is determined to continue her studies despite any difficulties.


Chandu, studying in 4th Class raised awareness about HHS, garbage, nails cutting, regular bathing to her parents and neighbors in her poor locality. As a result there is a positive change in the family and neighborhood.


Vishwaraja, studying in 5th class educated his family and neighbors about all aspects of safe and clean food, healthy habits, clean water and environment and junk food. He is one of the Health Hygiene Educators.


Thabarakh, studying in 4th class persuaded father to stop drinking alcohol besides educating his family about all aspects HHS.


Ambika, studying in 5th class lives in a hut along with other migrant families from Bellary region. She has determined to make her environment clean and safe. She is one of the HHE leaders influencing family, neighbours to keep clean and healthy.


Gangamma, mother of Basavaraja of 5th class learnt about HHS, diseases,etc in the awareness session in the school and started keeping the house and surrounding clean.

Family of Nagamma

Family of Nagamma, 1st class in Gulbarga migrant community: The family never concerned about any sort of cleanliness, personal hygiene. Nagamma studying 1st class in the school had suffered by scabies. After the continuous intervention of coordinator, her family changed their attitude and started maintaining cleanliness at home. Mother took care of her daughter; applied medicine, cutting nails, provided slippers. Nagamma has become healthy and attends school regularly. She is also active in the school.

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