The children of EFSA’s concern belong to the communities those are socially and economically marginalized poorest of the poor. They are deprived of all avenues and opportunities to keep in pace with the changing situations due to the impending urbanization and increasing poverty. In an environment where the people are fragmented by the disparities of caste, class and gender and also due to the irrational distribution of power, status and resources, this project has a scope of bringing about a social change founded on principles of wellbeing. The state of affairs with regard to children is a compelling factor, they being 40 % of our population and with every third household having a working child and every fourth child in the age group of 5 to 15 being employed and living in unhygienic surroundings.

Children For Tomorrow

EFSA in alliance with the ING Vysya Foundation, the social action arm of the ING Vysya Bank between 2015 - 16, targeted the children of either sex of Std. I to V of the Government Lower Primary School at Saraipalya of Thanisandra ward in Bangalore South Zone together with their respective families and communities with the purpose of getting them groomed into healthy citizenry with desirable practices of health, hygiene and sanitation.

Summer Camp

With the support of group of volunteers from ‘Avani’ a children camp on environment and life skills during summer holidays of 2012 in Vagamon, Kerala. 20 girls and boys from age group 12 to 15 years enjoyed learning through creative activities, yoga and nature walks. They identified different species of birds, insects and plants. They also visited Tea factory and learned about tea cultivation, production process.

Climate Change

EFSA organized an interview of two selected students from Bangalore in the age group of 13-14 years on climate change and responsibility of children and youth in March 2015. This interview was recorded in a short video and shared with the European young delegates of “Let’s Take Care of the Planet” in Brussels.

Career Development Skill Training Program

In collaboration with ‘Life Dream Foundation’, a 3 months free course on career development Skill Training was organized for the benefit of for 28 unemployed young men and women in Thanisandra from March to June 2014. The course focused on retail sales management, English speaking, basic computer skills, interpersonal communication skills, ethics and responsibility and environmental awareness etc.