Promotion of Culture of Ethics, Rights and Responsibilities

A Proposal for the Charter of Human Responsibilities

Although human society today has achieved an immense progress in science, technology, and production it has not been able to mitigate the sufferings of humankind. Poverty and inequality, illiteracy and ignorance, wars and violence still remain great threats for global stability and prosperity. Uncertainty and conflicts are spreading across the world; political and economic systems are facing newer and complex challenges; and reductionist science is rapidly changing human civilization. In this context amongst the objectives of EFSA have been the deepening the understanding of the principle of responsibility and promoting culture of co responsibility in all spheres of life, recognition by States and also by citizens and major powers of influence at political, economic, social levels for the sustainable future of humankind and the planet.

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EFSA and several likeminded individuals and socio professional institutions collectively engaged in the dialogues on Ethics, Rights & Responsibilities in the realm of socio political, legal, economy, culture and environment for internalizing and application of the principle of responsibility in all walks of life. As an outcome people’s / professional charters of Responsibilities have been emerged for further dialogue on effective policies.


The ecological crisis, increasing poverty, hunger, illiteracy, injustice and violence are forcing us to face the harsh realities of the human condition. At a time like this, we need to address not only the structure of education but also the nature and quality of human mind and life; thus calling for a transformative new approach that breaks through the frontiers of particular cultures.


  • Indian Children Charter of Human Responsibilities.
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