Conferences and Seminars

“South Asia Right to Food Conference 2015” held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, May 29th to June 1st 2015 organized by Anti Poverty Platform (APP), Bangladesh

The four daylong conferences were inaugurated by Ms Sheikh Haseena, Hon’ble Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Nobel laureate from India, MrKailash Satyarthi, In addition to the plenaries on the situation of food security in Bangladesh, Global challenges to food security, food security in the context of climate vulnerability, food and nutrition security in South.

Round table dialogue to promote and finance Social and Solidarity Enterprises (3rd & 4th April 2015 – Hotel Orchids, Mumbai, India)

Mumbai, India was the venue for the two-day round table dialogue (RTD) on the role of co-operative banks and social finance institutions in promoting and financing social initiatives and social and solidarity enterprises (SSEs).
The RTD was organized under the aegis of the National Federation of State Cooperative Banks (NAFSCOB), Eco Foundation for Sustainable Alternatives (EFSA), the International Cooperative Alliance Asia and Pacific (ICA-AP), the Mont-Blanc Meeting- International Forum of the Social and Solidarity Economy Entrepreneurs (MBM), the International Cooperative Banks Association (ICBA) and the International Association of Investors in the Social Economy (INAISE).

Global citizen education for sustainable development(25-30/06/2015,Vitsa,Epirus)

“Global citizen education for sustainable development”, inspired by the beautiful nature of the Northern Pindos National Park, conscious of the paramount importance of education for all as a right and ultimate tool for the development of nations and individuals, using Action Reflection Learning methodology, and building on the outcome of last year’s GLAP seminar on "Cosmopolitan consciousness and civic action in a globalized world", agreed on the following key points of reflection for action:
• A new sustainability mindset should inspire our thinking and action, individually and collectively Emotional and spiritual intelligence are sorely needed for a holistic worldview in our rationality- and profit-oriented world.
• Earth is our common home, source of sustenance and inspiration for our lives. We need to replace the human-centered concept of development.
• At the core of our thinking and civic education, a culture of rights with responsibilities needs to take root.

National Convention on Women & Child Rights-2016 organized by State Progressive Women's Forum, Odisha, 17-18th December 2016, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, India

About 300 Grassroots women leaders from across the states of India gathered to celebrate the unity of women and discussed various concerns & policies of women and children issues.

International Women’s Meet on Nonviolence and Peace- 2016 (IWMNVP 2016) 2nd– 13th October 2016 Held at Gandhi Research Foundation (GRF) in Maharashtra, EktaParishad Madhya Pradesh & Indian International Centre in New Delhi

A historical convergence of grassroots women leaders from India and women peace makers from across the globe that came together to discuss nonviolence and peace. The meeting was also a starting point for building an international women’s activist network towards the Global Peace Action, namely, the Jai Jagat 2020.

Global Climate Chance Summit, Nantes, France 26-28 September 2016

The Global Summit held between 26-28 September 2016 was the open platform for non state actors in the fight against climate change in a sustainable, coherent and organized process. This process was directly related to the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the Action Agenda, as well as the contributions of concrete initiatives that may become part of the Global Climate Change Action (GCCA), and will contribute to the reevaluation of National Determined Contributions (NDC) in 2018. Climate Chance is the international annual meeting of all non-state actors involved in the fight against climate change. Local authorities, businesses, associations, unions, scientific organizations and citizens of all countries primarily concerned with climate change met during the summit and joined thematic coalitions for sustainable solutions.
During the Summit our director, Sudha.S presented a paper at the workshop ‘'Climate and Ethics: Citizens' Engagement”, and our trustee, Dr. Neetu Sharma presented a paper on the Corporate Social Responsibility in India in the workshop on Responsible business.

Sharing Economy: Cooperatives, Social Enterprises, Microfinance Global Conference: “Equal in an Unequal World: The Value of Values in Responsible Business” 3-5 January 2014, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, India

The following paper "Responsible Engagement for Equal Opportunities in an Unequal World" was jointly presented by Mr. Ajit Muricken and Ms Sudha.S in the conference.

The nature of inequality has numerous dimensions-economic, social, political and cultural. It is, of course, above all a human tragedy. The governments of the various countries often announce schemes and measures to eliminate inequality but little is achieved in practice. The increase in the number of poor indicates the ‘absolute poor’-those who are unable to meet their daily nutritional requirements calculated in terms of calories. The numbers would be far higher if other aspects of a dignified quality of life are considered. Large sections of the population-easily the majority-are deprived of the basic necessities of life. The nature of inequality is such that the victims of inequalities are systematically deprived of their rights to food, health, safe drinking water, education, and other rights such as credit, livelihood resources etc.This means that they are excluded and marginalized from their rightful access to resources, opportunities and power.

Thus, it is essentially a denial of justice, equity and dignity of life... Download PDF

International Seminar on Reconciliation, Conflict Transformation and Peace Initiatives: Contemporary Challenges in South Asia -28th & 29th November, 2016, Shillong, India

International Seminar on Reconciliation, Conflict Transformation and Peace Initiatives: Contemporary Challenges in South Asia was organized by Department of Philosophy, Lady Keane College, Shillong, Meghalaya, India. Our director, Sudha.S presented a paper ‘Feminine Approach: An Innovative Means to Conflict Transformation and Harmony’ emphasizing on ‘the feminine approach to peace never limits itself to the individual merely. Its concern is all encompassing, motivated by hope and the transformation of the community or society towards better and more equitable horizons. The need of the hour is to gather all the spiritual forces of compassion and nonviolence we can, of whatever origin, whatever nature, and to nurture them, enrich them and propagate them like luminous seeds of hope. There lies our responsibility as conscious human beings who still believe that life is precious and is a wonderful thing to preserve and revere.