Indian Children Charter of Human Responsibilities

Created by the students of 8th to 10th class from 27 cities across India, selected from Wiz Kids program. Download PDF

Let’s Take Care of the Planet - Charter of Responsibilities - International Conference of Children & Youth , 10th June 2010, Brasilia, Brazil

This Charter, created by 400 children & youth gathering of 53 countries, represents the responsibilities and actions coming from different nations with diverse cultures, languages and societies. Download PDF

Citizen’s Charter of Responsibilities towards Protection of Children

This draft: An outcome of “Inter Socio professional Dialogues on Prevention of Child Abuse” A discussion among the child rights groups and stakeholders in collaboration with EI Shaddai Charitable Trust & networks of NGOs/activists working on child rights in Goa on the role and responsibility of citizens and the government towards the protection of children against child abuse -31st January 2011 in Goa, India. Download PDF

Charter of Administrative Ethics and Responsibilities

A seminar on ‘Professional Ethics and Responsibilities of Civil Servants ‘ as part of formulation of Universal Charter of Human Responsibilities was organized in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Public Administration, West Coast Regional Branch, and Civitas, Goa  on 1st February 2011. A draft Charter Civil Servants Charter of Administrative Ethics and Responsibilities was formulated for further discussion. Download PDF

Universal Charter of Human Responsibilities (UCHRes)

Preliminary version of UCHRes emerged from the dialogues among international social activists, academicians & professionals, held on 24th Feb 2012, in Bangalore, India. Download PDF