Articles and papers

Articles and papers

Nonviolence as a Responsible Message for Peace and Harmony – Sudha Sreenivasa Reddy

Co-responsibility through Co-realization: Towards Harmonic Society - Dr Subhash sharma

A Feminine Approach to Individual and Societal Interactions - Sudha Sreenivasa Reddy

Responsibility Law and Governance - Pierre Calame,FPH, Paris

Manifest of lima to Paris - appeal to the conscience of the powerful of this world

Every right gives rise to a corresponding duty - Soli Sorabjee

Ethics and Responsibility Within the Constitutional Framework- Neetu Sharma

Using Responsibility to Strengthen Legal Framework to Protect Vulnerable Groups

Reflection on Action- Ethics, Rights & Responsibilities

Summary: Mapping Responsibility Principles in SAARC countries with reference to Vulnerable Groups

Children Justice under the International Law: Legal and Ethical Responsibilities of Bangladesh -Dr. Nahid Ferdousi, Dhaka

A Framework Law for Enforcing of Responsibilities with Special Reference to Vulnerable Groups

Road Map for international endorsement of a Charter of Universal Responsibilities Published in OUTREACH in the UN during inter government dialogues